Flour    500 grams  
Water    tap and ready 250 ml  
Extra virgin olive oil    60ml

Fresh yeast    2-3 grams (a few crumbs)   

  Choose a strictly white flour, with nothing inside. 
  DO NOT use: 
  ·             flour with baking powder already mixed in, 
  ·             mixtures of meals, 
  ·             other types of flour that lately are sweeping in supermarkets. 
  Because with this recipe for pizza margherita seek simplicity. So the flour that you already have in the pantry will be fine: a normal white flour that is usually defined in Italian flour "0."  Give preference to local flour mills.   
  It is optional   
   Halls    5-10 grams (1-2 teaspoons)  
  Choose according to personal taste   
  Yes, that's right, that's right: 2-3 grams, almost nothing. 
  If you do not have the fresh yeast, you should find that granular, which is fine the same, but be aware that it really dried yeast and NOT instant yeast for savory pizzas. The dried yeast comes in small granules beige, while the instant yeast is none other than the one for sweets without sugar or vanillin, a white powder that has nothing to do with the yeast (and his other brothers).     

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