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  Smoked Salmon - With Mustard  
 1 Piece of Salmon with the Skin On.
 Mix 2 Parts Dijon Mustard to 1 Part Olive Oil & Dill
 The original recipe calls for brown sugar... Will try this next time....
 Coat the top of the fish
 Start the smoker to smoke
 Let it stand on smoke  for 10 min (THIS IS IMPORTANT)
 Oil the Grill on the smoker
   CHECK THE PSETTING as it may reset on un plugging...  
   You should be smoking at 160F Right now (June 2011 at like 85F outside ) You need it set to a P5 to get this  
 Put on the fish and smoke for 3-4 Hours.
 On this go around we did not have the P setting correct (It was at the factory default of P2) to start and were hitting 200 - 210F for the first hour. before we fixed.

*** Thank you, I am processing your request and will be done soon ***
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